15 years kinoart.net!

15 years kinoart.net!

15 years kinoart.net!

15 years kinoart.net!

Welcome to kinoart.net

... offering thousands of vintage original filmposters from around the world.

We are in business since 2003 and offer one of the largest selections of original movieposters in Europe. From Hollywood classics to Arthouse cinema, from Horror/SciFi movies to posters with outstanding artwork, we might have what you are looking for.

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We constantly update our site, with new acquisitions approximately every 3 months, you can join our mailing list to get notified.

We buy movieposters! Inquiries are welcome for items you are looking for.

Enjoy the posters and thanks for visiting our new site!
Wolfgang Jahn, kinoart.net


September 2020: An Update with 200+ new posters is online

This time there is a selection of more recent posters for classics from the 70s up to now, with many rare style US and UK posters:

- the sought-after US-international 1sheet for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the rare The Matrix international lightning style, and more US-international posters.

- US 1sheets for titles like Enter the Dragon, Dirty Harry, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Friday the 13th, The Empire Strikes Back, The Goonies

- The UK 1sheet for Godfather, UK Quads for Big Trouble in Little China, Escape from New York, Blade Runner, Pierrot le Fou

- James Bond: German posters for Dr. No (A0), You only live Twice (advance and style B) and more international posters.

- Also Japanese posters for classics etc.

Also note that we can offer relatively cheap Express rates for international delivery (recommended to the US in particular currently), please ask before or after an order, or we will let you know. For payments by international bank transfer we also recommend Transferwise.com, with real currency exchange rates (unlike paypal) and fast.

May 2020 update: new posters are online

An update with 170 posters is online at https://www.kinoart.net/en/catalog/neu1.html (english site) and NEW.

This time it’s all about Erotic, Exploitation and Horror, mostly from a collection with Italian and other international posters.

The next update will be in July, then again with more posters for classic movies etc.

March 2020: An Update with 150 new posters is online

Included are:

- German posters for titles like 1984 (1956), Street of Shame (Japan 1956) and more from the 50s.

- US and UK Posters for classics from the last 20+ years

- US inserts for House on Haunted Hill, This Island Earth, Some like it Hot, US advance for Revenge of the Jedi,

  Once Upon a Time in the West Italian and others.

- HammerHorror: Vampire CircusUK Quad, The Mummyspanish, Draculaital. busta and more.

- James Bond: Japanese and US for 70s/80s titles - And more!

November 2019 update: 185 new posters are online

Included are:

-German posters for titles like Saboteur (Hitchcock), Mr. Hulot’s Holiday, Dracula (1958), Thomas Crown Affair, Bullitt A1 and A0, an original artwork for Das Boot

-Blade Runner US 30x40, La Dolce Vita rare Czech A1, Strangers on a Train UK Quad, Night of the living dead UK re-release Quad

-Japanese posters for titles like Easy Rider, Jaws, Harold and Maude, Empire strikes Back, and other 70/80s classics

-various 50s Horror/SciFi US lobby cards, color stills for Breakfast at Tiffany’s

-Italian posters for Western, Adventure and Eurospy-Films, as well as some Elvis Presley

And more!

Also additional posters have been added to the Sale category, with reduced prices.

July 2019: An Update with 270 new posters is online

Included are:

-German posters for titles like North by Northwest A0, Ten Commandments large style, some Mario Bava and Hammer-Horror, various Elvis Presley and John Wayne-Titles, Arthouse (Hillmann artwork) etc.

-To catch a Thief US 1sheet

-James Bond: several French and German posters

-a selection French and Australian Posters from the 70s to 90s.

And more!

April 2019: An Update with 165 new posters is online

Included are:

- rare German 1st release posters for titles like Rear Window, River of no Return (A0), Prince Valiant and more

- US posters for Titles like Fearless Vampire Killers (style B), One Two Three, Italian for Green Slime

- Various International Posters for Arthouse titles

- Some Horror, Erotic and Exploitation, and more.

Thanks for your interest!

Direct Payment options are now available and we have moved!

The Shopping Cart now has a direct payment option for Paypal and bank transfer for your previously selected items! The approximate shipping cost is calculated by the items and destination country too. As before you can also just send an inquiry beforehand via the shopping cart, without having to pay directly.

And we have moved, from Cologne to Estenfeld next to Würzburg! More space to work and being close to my original hometown makes life easier. New Adress see ‘Orders & Contact’ – our email remains the same.

A new update with all recent acquisitions is scheduled for April!

Our new website is online!

Finally the new version of kinoart.net is now online. It's nicer, faster and it's mobile-friendly. We will add some new features to the site over the next few weeks, but for now we hope that you like what we've been working on during the last few months. Of course we have tested the site carefully, but if you run into any problems or bugs, please let us know. Thanks a lot!