Intrigue in Los Angeles
(Intrigo a Los Angeles)

1964 Italy - Director: Romano Ferrara
Genre: Thriller & Action
with: Carole Walker, Luciano Marin
German A1 Movieposter (23x33 in) from 1965
Condition: Very Fine (C8-9) / folded
# 23888
7 Euro

Maciste, Avenger of the Mayans
(Maciste il Vendicatore dei Mayas)

1965 Italy - Director: Guido Malatesta
Genre: Peplum / Sword & Sandal / Adventure
with: Kirk Morris, Barbara Loy, Luciano Marin, Andrea Aureli, Luciana Paoli
Italian 1panel (2-foglio) (39x55 in) from 1965
Condition: Good (C4) / folded
Art by: morini
# 25805
30 Euro