Sawdust and Tinsel

(Gycklarnas afton)

Sweden 1953 - Director: Ingmar Bergman
German A1 Movieposter (23x33 in) from 1960
Condition: Very Fine (C8-9) / unfolded
Art by: Hillmann
# 18324
1st German release
120 Euro

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Sawdust and Tinsel
(Gycklarnas afton)

1953 Sweden - Director: Ingmar Bergman
Genre: Drama / Arthouse Cinema
with: Harriet Andersson, Åke Grönberg
German A1 Movieposter (23x33 in) from 1958
Condition: Fine (C7) / folded
Art by: hillmann
# 8298
Hillmann artwork for 1st release, folded with slight wear
50 Euro