About the condition of items

Posters were meant to be used, so they can show some signs of handling or display, but can also be in unused condition. If a poster is rolled or folded is marked as such. Posters can also be restored (linen or paper-backing). Many original movieposters only exist folded, especially up to the 80s most were sent folded to movie theatres already.

We use these international standard shortcuts for poster grading (near mint-very fine-fine-very good-good-fair or alternatively: Condition C10=best to C1=worst). Additionally please look at the enlarged image if one is available/was uploaded yet. If you want a more detailed description please ask.

Near Mint (C9-10):
Generally unused in perfect condition, may have the slightest of handling wear. Often unfolded, if folded the folds are clean without additional wear.

Very Fine (C8-9):
Can have minimal wear / signs of use (small pinhole marks, slight fold wear if folded, some border or small fold tears) Sometimes a very Fine poster can also be near Mint as in the past we used very Fine as the best condition grading.

Fine (C7):
A poster with some general usage wear such as some border tears, pinhole marks, or tape marks, and/or some fold wear or tears if folded. Not severe, still fine for presentation (framed) or for collecting in general.

Very Good (C6):
A used poster with some of the following defects: pinholes, tears, wrinkling, tape marks, stains, or minor paper loss (crossfolds or corner chips) may occur.

Good (C4-5):
Significant wear or signs of usage. Possible paper loss, tape, tears, stains, or fragile paper in general, or writing on front. May still be presentable if framed or needs to be restored/backed.

Fair (C3-4):
Below average, major defects. Normally we don't have items in this condition.

Linen-Backing (LB):
This process is most common for the preservation of movie posters at this point. A linenbacked poster is easy to handle, can be rolled and also perfect for framing. The poster has usually been double-backed, first to a thin acid-free paper and then to stable cotton canvas. It usually also gets deacified in the process and cleaned. Restoration such as tape and stain removal, replacement of missing paper, touch up at foldlines etc. are also done during the process. If you want to have a poster linenbacked from our inventory please ask, but note it can take some time and additional costs are involved. We do not do this ourselves but send it to a professional restorer, either in France or the US. For costs please inquire (for example from 80 Euro for a US 1sheet upwards depending on condition/work that has to be done). Part of our linen-backed posters were acquired on linen already, others we have had linenbacked mostly because of some condition issues.

Paper-Backing (LB):
Poster has been backed on thin acid-free paper. The result is a poster that still feels like a poster, if backed on thin paper, for US halfsheets and Inserts sometimes a thicker paper was/is used. Should only be used for smaller formats. Same restoration can be done as above.

If a posters is repaired (e.g. some tears fixed with acid-free tape on the back) or linenbacked, it is usually taken into account in the condition grading.