Original vs. Reprint

The material you will find here was originally produced as advertisement for movie theaters. We do not deal in reprints or reproductions. (there are a few cheaper belgian reprints that we recently listed, clarly marked as such)  The year from which a poster dates is mentioned in the item description, as the econd year given.
Sometimes the release date of a movie and such the date of the poster would have been a few years later in other countries.

For several popular titles there are also reprints, sometimes easily to distinguish (different size, new glossy paper, unsharp dotty printing), sometimes not so easily.

There are some posters that were obviously made to pass as an original and to fool buyers, some examples are:

  • some German 50s posters (approx 10 titles) for titles like Frankenstein, Bus Stop, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Dr. No: these have slightly more unsharp/dotty printing and not as strong colours
  • Apocalypse Now black style German: On an original there is a small printed white spot lower left (some sweat from Brando maybe) that was left out on the reprint, which is also on plain white paper, mostly rolled or folded but you can see it was rolled once.
  • Bullitt German 1st release A1 size: On an original the title is strong red, on the reprint more brownish.
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s German 80s rerelease: There is a reprint on more glossy and thinner paper, and more dotty printing.
  • Several US titles. Star Wars (1977) various styles, Pulp Fiction, Lost in Translation style B, and minty white US inserts for some classic 70s and 80s titles, as well as some lobby card sets.

If you do not find what you are looking for please you can contact us and we will try to make you an offer.

Furthermore we own a huge collection of stills (US b/w stills and German lobby cards) that is scheduled to be offered soon via kinoart.net.

We are always interested in acquiring quality movie posters.